Thursday, December 28, 2000

Hey! This is Tia. And ive been thinking alot about alot of stuff. Like, why people get mad when I Call there house late on vacation or weekends, or why they make hotdogs from chickens some times. They should at least be called, cowdogs or something, because they dont come from dogs...or do they? hmm. I was wondering, why do most girls sit and find every possible bad thing to say about brittanyspears, when they are most likely to own the cd? that is confusing. hypocrits! like a friend of mine was talking about how cell phones can give you brain cancer, and she turns around and BUYS one! hmph! I dont like the crust on bread. why do they leave the ends with the crust all over on the bread? they should remove them so it wouldnt sit theree and get rotten because no one likes it. Dogs. hmm dogs can sure piss me off. like when a dog comes running at you like its gonna bite you, or when a dog pees on your rug! eww cats too. they are worst i think, cause cat pee SMELLS! and you have to clean the litter box and it sheds all its nappy hairs all over. hmph. gees. Well I think ive talked enough right now. im talking to my friend marrissa. Well see ya!